Patrick talks about hypotenuses, the Spanish Civil War, and reparations.  ////  [email protected]  https://www.patr...View Details

After the High

The field I end up in during the episode. I also dropped my phone here and accidentally paused the recording.

There was a dance that ...View Details

Patrick talks about finishing the last summer of his college career, the moms helping out at his high school senior play, and the Fire on the Mountain...View Details

Patrick talks about potentially moving to New York, our inability to fight hurricanes and tornadoes, and missing rainbows.  ////  www.patricksgreentea...View Details

Patrick talks about rewatching the Dark Knight trilogy with his girlfriend and listening to its soundtracks, missing his time in Colorado, and wonderi...View Details

After the High

The soundtrack for this day's high.

The overgrown trail I mentioned and took a picture of during the episode from this date.

Reall...View Details

12-30-2019 Photos

After the High

The trail I typically hike when I get high that runs along a reservoir.

The trees around the reservoir were heavily damaged by a torn...View Details

Patrick talks about his friends’ opposing music tastes, his New York side quests, and the confusing camera turn terms.  //// Details

Patrick talks about celebrating his birthday with edibles that didn’t work, the way English teachers grade, and what happens to the podcast if he dies...View Details

Patricks talks about celebrating 4/20/2020, getting into the Simpsons, and feeling a roller coaster of emotions throughout the high.  ////  www.patric...View Details

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