Oh hey, you made it to the Minecraft section of the website! In case you haven’t heard already, I’ve been working on a world in creative mode exclusively while under the influence (99% of the time it’s on weed, the other 1% being after a few drinks). My total time on the world so far is 51.8 hours, which is definitely a rookie number in Minecraft terms. 

The world started off with me just messing around and building things that were disconnected from each other. After I started to build the fictional town of Sweetwater, I was set on fleshing out the world of the Alvox and other associated civilizations. These people tend to rely on futuristic and transdimensional technology, and I have a lot of fun creating structures and machines that don’t follow the traditional rules or lore of Minecraft. 

As of right now, you will start in a ship in the End dimension that's docked at a small station. From there, you can work your way to the teleporter and head back to Sweetwater, where you can travel to the connected settlements. There's not much in the End yet, but more is coming soon. Keep in mind that World X is still under construction! 

If you’d like to explore the other things I’ve built, your best reference would be the waypoint spreadsheet linked below. I’ve also been making waypoints using the mod VoxelMap, and those points are also linked below if you want to download / already have the mod. 

Other than that, I hope you have a fun time exploring what I’ve built so far! I’ll continue to update the world as I complete major builds. Happy trails!


"World X” Download

“World X” Waypoints Spreadsheet

“World X” Waypoints
*This link is to be used with Forge VoxelMap version 1.10.14 for Minecraft version 1.16.4 (I’m unsure of how compatible the file will be with later or newer versions, though the file seems pretty simple)

Minecraft World Installation Guide


Old Releases

World X v51 5-29-2021 (MC v1.16.4) (Release 1.1) - 29.7 hours played

World X.points [v21 5-29-2021 (MC v1.16.4)] (Release 1.1) - 29.7 hours played

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