PGT 40 - 2:51 PM 7/15/2019

     Note to self: ask my grandmother to describe her father to me. She always tells me about things her father did—and what her mother did too, for that matter—but she’s never described their character or behavior or personality. And I’d love to be able to match the personalities to their actions. 
     I just heard “Wolf” by First Aid Kit for the first time in over a year. I’ve been trying to listen to this song but every time I wanted to listen to it I had no cell signal. 
     First Aid Kit is a damn good band, by the way. Give them a listen.
     /// I SHOULD COVER “THE LIONS ROAR.” The vocals are at perfect range and they’re really unique, almost aesthereal


     Ok, this is me post-high. Man, did I have a good time up in that little trail shelter. That high was incredible. The best I’ve had in a while. This isn’t to take away anything from the other ones I’ve had, but this is very positive: it means that I still have great highs ahead of me to look forward to.

     Also, during the high I adopted the phrase, “there is no past,” which immediately cleared out the ambient noise in the back of my head. It was a very cleansing and refreshing experience. If there is such a thing as a soul, my soul felt cleaner.

     I am thrilled that I am still capable of feeling such joy. I don’t know why it’s an insecurity of mine, but I am very much afraid to lose the ability to extract happiness from my way of life, and I always feel a sense of doom when I think about aging. I literally cried of happiness tonight thinking about the festival I have going on in the future, but I am sometimes deathly paranoid about time taking things away from me.


5:12 PM
     I was asked who my biggest musical influences were while I was on this trip. I didn’t know how to answer. My only thoughts were with John Mayer and the Grateful Dead (there being two Dead and Company concerts awaiting us in the next few days). But now I’m remembering who some of them are:
     Drummer Billy Kreutzmann
     The Allman Brothers as an entire ensemble
     Lyricist Jimi Hendrix
     Fleetwood Mac

5:14 PM
     I finally made it back to my car. That was a wild ride.
/// I could make this podcast in the style of the Skeleton Creek book series, where the episode is the span of one PGT / one Night. If we’re going to do equations, one PGT episode could equal one Skeleton Creek book.  So you’d have one “page” of text, then when relevant media appears, the “chapter” ends and we are supposed to move on to the next “page,” which could contain text or more media. ///

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