The Cheers Intro is the most (theographic? Theatreiffic?) theatrical and cinematic thing I’ve ever seen. Watch it. Preferably high.

     It’s basically theatrical television. There is music over a LOT of the actions, the scenes play out super slowly, and the pacing of jokes and applause is so, off


     Time dilation right now. (4:03PM). 8 minutes of “real time” = 1 hour in my experience. 



     I just imagined Bobby intentionally making Dead and Co slower because playing it at normal tempo makes it feel to[o] much like it was. When Jerry was still there. ::::::(


     Just now, I heard Bob make a weird lead solo during Franklin’s tower 7/15/2016 @ 2:01


     After some thinking, I realized that he was doing the solo for “turn on your lovelight.” Upon that sudden realization I was slammed with emotion.


     Without experience, history is just a series of points. The experience of life is the only way to draw a line through those points.



     Give a radio to a child who has never used a radio, who has never heard broadcasted music, and who is around 9 years old. Let him scrub the radio for stations, to see what he’d stop on. I’m saying this because we are all preconditioned by our parents or whoever to only listen to specific stations and never to the others. 

     At least, I have.



     My uncle Christopher and I lead similar lives. Scarily similar. He died before I got a chance to know him, but my family keeps telling me that we have similarities. I myself have noticed that we took similar divergent paths at this same age into strange scenes, all of them full of drug use and vagrancy. Today I learned that he suddenly had several nosebleeds in college, and this past semester I have started having regular nosebleeds every other week.



     I realized that my personality is very introverted. That means more than keeping to myself. I absorb socializations from the outside in, always asking questions of people and observing things in a detached way, rarely putting out my own opinions or information in conversations. This is especially true with my politics; I rarely discuss my own political beliefs, to the point that I’m not even sure what my own beliefs are. 

     Maybe speaking my personality into existence is more important than I’ve realized. I should go to a therapist more, not to have them change anything in my life, but to have them ask the right questions to make me craft my own answers and my future with my words.


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