PGT 31




Avians are the coolest species. They are cool with me. We have no predatory avians in the world. The only flying things that try to attack us are insects, and the West has successfully eradicated insect-bourne diseases. That’s probably why something like Ebola makes the news in the US if even 1 American death is reported.







Measure the distance I made with my spit on that tree fungus thing.


I wonder what the forest would look like without any trees. Just the hills and old forest trails. I want to know what shapes and weird layouts a world like that would have.


Also, I wonder if you’d be able to get away with laying out roads in specific symbols.


Btw, I just met Gary the carpenter and his daughter, both from [REDACTED]. He is a carpenter and he’s been in the same spot as me earlier in his life, screwing around and being irresponsible. He had a large social life, hosting massive barbecues for all the people he knew, basically being the kingpin of his own gang of “people who know Gary.” Then life caught up to him with family and he ended up working for a living. He is thankful that he can still have a fun personal life to do cool things like go metal detecting in the [REDACTED] Land Trust and uncover a civilization of farmers whose roads and houses don’t exist anymore, but whose stone foundations and scrap pieces do.

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