PGT 24

10:20 PM 4/26/2019

I didn’t listen to any music in 2007.

I lived in a time before on-demand music.

I think that music is more important

But less noticed than the visuals.


What did I do, you ask?

I don’t even know.

I’m trying to remember what I did

As a wee little sass’s sow.



What comes around by Justin Timberlake.
Key: [G Major]

Potential breakup song
Key: [F# Minor]


History is measured wierdly. It is recorded in terms of military / political events, not cultural events. Our recordings of major cultural events are so narrow / nonexistent. I think that, when making claims about the causes of certain events in history, one must take into account every aspect of a civilization’s culture. This includes musical tastes, hobbies, forms of entertainment, toys, banking systems, drug cultures, community organizations, mysterious fraternities, and, of course, popular food dishes.


My main, main point is this!!!!!!!!!

We have been taken over by an aspect of our culture that we never consider as a culprit of our problems. Technology.

We are so blindly acceptant of new technology, even if we morally despise the creation or sourcing of that technology. We claim to hate fossil fuels yet we continue to use airplanes. FUCKING AIRPLANES. Airplanes literally GUZZLE gasoline and we use them regularly.

The main cancer of civilization right now is our phones. They have completely enslaved us.

We keep getting hints of this invasion through popular media. The Matrix being about a planet under the control of an external robot collective. Even in HALF LIFE, it’s just assumed that we are controlled by some unnamed force, which is of course just controlled by another unnamed force, continuing infinitely.



You want to learn about a culture or civilization’s history? Learn its music history. That’ll tell you things a historian never could.



Also, it’s true that women run the world. Again, we think of history and civilization in terms of political / military only.

Women control men’s hairstyles. They tell us what looks good and we wear our hear to impress our moms. Every single one of us does that, unless there’s a single father present and a dead / absent mother

In tandem with phones, weed is also a growing cancer in our society. And I only mean cancer in the sense of its silent growth. Not in any of cancer’s harms. I think there’s currently a mass drug-retaking of society. It’s fascinating to observe them being made legal after being hidden for so long. Or perhaps the illegalization of drugs has caused society to do incredibly thorough research on drugs in their experimental teens/twenties.



I think there are far fewer people who know how to create sheet music than there ought to be.

I need to (or someone needs to) transcribe the Grateful Dead’s live performances. Or any bands for that matter. Too many cover bands just use their own interpretations of songs based off of what they hear, but I think it would be genius to either create a company or a personal enterprise of literally transcribing performances of a band’s song (album or live).


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