PGT 22


Become a writer. Full-time writer. If necessary, become a part-time laborer and a full-time writer.

You’ve officially decided that writing for screen is not for you. Only original, conceptual writing is what makes your brain fire. Novels are long-term projects that writers inevitably do because the worlds present themselves / create themselves.

Register for some classes you think you’d want to take as plan B. It’s non-committal. Do the FAFSA just in case. It’s non-committal. Find out the date that you have to make your official decision by, but you have time to make your decision to transfer out to a creative writing degree or something similar.

Maybe do peace corps or something like that that stephanie [REDACTED] does. We share a similar soul and a similar interest in travel / fascination with the world. It makes sense that she likes her West coast indie music. She has the soul of a traveler.

Your job right now is to find out how to make a living as a writer in the meantime before your success / “big break,” where writing is kinda your part-time job and you maintain a part-time job with veeerry low living costs.

Before then, make movies to the best of your ability while also not driving yourself crazy.

To Patrick: You’re on the right path right now and you are doing an amazing job.


Some afterthoughts:

I’m very much a rebound guy. I’m destined to get all the exes of my friends, that’s just been my pull since I was young. I think it’s because these girls see the same thing in me as they see in my friends, but I do it better in some way. Or there’s some additional factor that makes me more favorable. Such a weird life condition for me to have.


Also, for whatever reason, there is a HUGE demand for medieval fantasy in American culture. From Harry Potter to lord of the rings to Game of Thrones, America loves its medieval and magical Film/TV. How strange is that? Where does the craving for fantasy come from?

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