Ingestion time: 6:26 PM
1/2 bag of truffles, as recommended by flyer inside container. 22g total in bag

"High Hawaiians" psilocybe tampelandia

Feeling nothing yet, as expected. I'm going to write a few notes to myself to keep me calm and stable throughout the trip

Starting to feel something. Slight and subtle shifting of things in visuals, lightheadedness

Played "The Game" with [friend]. Feeling very slight nausea, semi-intense sort of buzzing in my body. No visual distortions. Will dose the rest now.

2nd ingestion time: 7:39

Feeling slight visuals, nothing concrete. Just a slight wobble to words on the screen if I'm not focused on them. Weird feeling.

At this point I'm feeling slightly light-headed and nothing else really. I'm also bored, wanting to do something and worrying about [friend] being bored but not wanting to risk leaving a safer environment than the windy, cold outside. 
     Also, [friend] played some Vulfpeck on my laptop for us and now we're listening to the famous lo-fi hip hop livestream. I want to eat at a Donor place

Vision has this fuzz to it. Everything a little blurry

Trip is sort of bad now. Existential sadness. I think I’m gonna stay away from psychs if they make me feel like this

Badness passed, feeling very inebriated in general

Went to sleep 


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