There was a recorded episode that was supposed to go along with it, but it's just a conversation between a friend and me that is unrelated to weed in a car (with copyrighted music throughout). I decided against releasing the episode and releasing just this text instead, which I think stands alone. I don't know what "The Allegory of Life" is exactly, but I'm sure it was profound to me at the time.


PGT 17

The Allegory of Life

“That was a big hit man.” *touches shoulder and smiles goofily* “You’ll be higher than Jesus.” 


Buy a bong. It will burn through faster and make you high.


TITLE- The Allegory of Life


In the way that I will incorporate podcasts into published file via music/albums, I will incorporate podcasts into blog post through short stories. The podcasts must be included in text form inside the writing assignment that you handed in. 

“I’ve mastered the human imagination.” —Patrick [REDACTED], 1/20/2019


I’m gonna make computers as a side hustle. I’d love to make or resell pipes/bongs at shows as another side hustle. 


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