Patrick’s Green Tea Episode 4 Epilogue

  • Thought that I might as record do some singing/bopping while I’m high. I had a great experience driving home and listening to the Eleven, the melodies turning into full out singing and me showing the state I’m currently in, in terms of my development of learning the song.
  • Best episode so far, easiest to share as a starter for now.
    • TEXT
  • Maybe 2 hours of me talking and 15 minutes allowed for both prologue and epilogue. Maybe, like I said in the podcast, a prologue is unnecessary since I already give the setting context in the beginning of main podcast. Might be important to remember to describe set as well as a standard rule. Basic ideas of each thing so that the tangents can flow without cutting them off at the stem
    • Maybe 15 minutes is more than enough time and it should be shaved down to allow for more talking time. Maybe I’m saying maybe too much. But maybe that’s just how I like to list things while I’m high so I don’t have to worry about a unique sentence opener and launch a potential written tangent like this one.
  • Epilogue should be recorded as me saying bullet things on this list. This list should maybe be split into high and sober halves, so when I have relevant thoughts about the podcast after I come down from the high, they can still be listed in bullets without me worrying about muddling them together with the high bullets.
  • More people on the podcast would be great. I’d love to have other guests and riff off of each other because I find other people really interesting, recording my behavior in speech/interaction is valuable documentary information in and of itself
  • Was recommended Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue, Willie Nelson - Highway Man
  • Maybe I should read the bullets as they are and then elaborate if I have to.
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