As the high at this concert reached its peak, I was confounded by the layout of the stage and light riggings. To me it looked a lot like the face of a duck, or maybe the mouth of God.




It was an interesting way of putting it, but what I meant to say was that being high gives you an enhanced perspective of things in life that are already meaningful. I wouldn't witness the birth of my child high and I wouldn't recommend that you do that either, but I was just making a point about emotionally impactful moments.





The dot I'm referring to is to the right of the moon. I believe it was actually a planet, maybe Mars. I'm not sure.





Some musings about what the songs meant to me. As I say in the note, this high's "afterglow" or after-effects lasted for a few days after the fact. I was riding high on the pure joy from that night for a long time.

All in all, it was an incredible concert with some of the most beautiful moments of my life. I'm happy to say that since then I've had some pretty incredible stories, but there's just something special about the perfection of Citi Field Night 2.


Here is a write-up of what my experience of the night was, in a less choppy format:

I had never heard Eyes of the World live, but it was easily my favorite song to listen to and to play. Night 2 at Citi Field in 2018, Dead and Co got to the second set where the heavy hitters usually are. They open the set with Help>Slip>Franklin’s, and the sheer happiness in John’s tone made me cry uncontrollably. My friend called a The Eleven bust-out before the show, and lo and behold they do that too. So I’m already a wreck from all the amazing things happening, but then after Space comes the beautiful opening chords to Eyes. My jaw drops in an open-mouthed smile, and I sob even harder this time. So much unbridled joy, moments that will resonate with me till the day I die.

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