8-1-2018 Photos

Before the High


Toontown Online was my shit growing up, and after it was revived by fans the addiction came back with a vengeance. I haven't played it in a while (it would eat up all my free time if I did decide to go back) but it was fun as shit. What a great way to start my day.


This was such an amazing Stella Blue put up by a consistently great Grateful Dead clips account. You can check it out on archive.org under the date listed in the hashtags, 8-1-1994. It gives me chills every time. Also, there's a special person who is shown to have liked the post, ras_floyd_i. He was the infamous Naked Pole Guy, a hippie who was recorded dancing naked on a wooden pole at a Grateful Dead concert. The video circles around every once in a while due to how bizarre it was, and I think it's in the Amazon Prime documentary series Long Strange Trip. Sadly, the Naked Pole Guy succumbed to cancer not long after this screenshot was taken. R.I.P.



A truly legendary night in the history of this podcast, the night where I really decided to go for it and make the show a thing. I took an edible that floored me while watching the show, causing a flood of creativity and appreciation for the music. I was already familiar with the show going into it because of the KILLER Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain. I couldn't tell you how many times I've listened to those recordings on their own. The two songs together didn't exist at the quality of their respective YouTube videos, so I remember ripping the audio and splicing them together seamlessly. It was a proud accomplishment, but it probably could have been avoided if I just used Relisten or archive.org. Oh well.


After the High



This little cricket hitched a ride on my shoulder on the way home. I remember finding him on me right before I got out of my car, so I think he rode with me the whole way. He stayed on my shirt even after I took it off. Maybe he was my little Jiminy Cricket, a good omen for the more fully formed podcast that came out of that night.

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