The following text is as it was written on 5-4-2019. The first two photos correspond to the text. It's funny to see how my dating/numbering system has evolved and still hasn't reached anything consistent.


PGT 26






A picture of an “XTreme Urban Farming” shot glass, sitting on top of an aluminum power box^1.

^1 - needs revision [edit: no it doesn't]


Education is how the West has ruled the rest of the world. Specifically, how the US and Britain have ruled the rest of the world. Students of every other country flowing to the US for the top universities in the world, international students going to elementary schools in the US, all of them learn the American way and either take that back to their country or stay in ours, to make tremendous impacts. Just look at the first Asian-American to run for office and be seriously considered, Andrew Yang.



I just saw a bunch of dollar bills fall out of this guy’s pocket and into the street outside my dorm. I immediately went to tell him that he’d “dropped a bunch of money.” He saw all the lost bills, picked them up, and gave me $2! How nice of him.



The last photo is the two dollars that the guy gave to me. I decided that it would be nice to save these bills to do a pay-it-forward type of thing where they can only be traded as tokens of gratitude. I have yet to use these bills for that purpose but I'm excited for when I can.

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