3-6-2019 Photos

Before the High


For my web design class, I designed a mock website for a hypothetical podcast. I knew I would end up making my actual podcast website soon, so I wanted to lay down some initial ideas through the project, killing two birds with one stone. 

After the High


A college friend and I got together and watched the second (or maybe first) appearance of Alex Jones on the Joe Rogan Experience. The first time I watched the podcast I genuinely was persuaded by some of Alex's points and I felt bad about him being targeted so heavily. However, when watching in a different context with people who were very critical of him, I realized how absurd the man was and wondered why I ever believed anything he said. It made me aware of how far I had strayed away from believing organized authority like the Church that I was easily swayed by individuals who were "subverting" the system. I try to be much more intellectually cautious now.

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