3-3-2018 Photos

Before the High


I went to see Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band at the Capitol Theatre the night before recording the episode, and on the train back I saw this strange little sticker saying "Google Prince Harry Loves American Pussy. Thank you!" I didn't really know what the sticker said until I saw it again in another random location (which I can't remember). Pictures of the second sticker are below. 



The video that comes up when you Google this is a strange one, and apparently people from all across NY and CT found it because of stickers like these. It was a weird thing to stumble across.


After the High


On the way back to my dorm, there was a walkway in the subway that was divided by pillars along its center. I thought I was edgy and deep for walking on the empty side, the "path less traveled." I would continue to do this every time I came home this way.

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