I did a full episode going in depth about what each line means (or what I think they mean). You can find it wherever you normally listen to the podcast under the name "Patrick's Green Tea Episode 12-8-2018: Brooklyn Bowl"


Chapter 18-19: Welcome (Back) to the Underworld - ft. Jesus

I’m in the 3rd Epoch of the Apocalypse

Better tell my story fast

Zeus and Dr. SEUSS are the same person, just S and Z flipped.

My life is an 80s TV show with the theme “Break On Through to the Other Side”

Redemption Day is in Db Major. A major chord on a flat scale makes for a transcendent, magical, divine color/theme of the music.

Love The Way You Lie is a fucking violent song. Jesus Christ, Eminem, you’ve got some fucked up problems you’re expressing in the lyrics. It scares me to know this song is probably popular among wife beaters / violent people / submissive guys and girls who accept the beatings :((((

I’m here in the subway all emotional with my New York pride listening to Empire State of Mind. I’ve never listened to this song in the city. How fucking great that the first time was with me high.

Made friends with nitrous sellers. Performed music that moved people. Made 2 $10 tips. This is so fun.

Also, the Bedford Avenue L train station looks like some straight Bioshock shit, all dystopian cyberpunk-looking with rust, old white painted valves, and echoey pre-recorded intercoms and chatter. Sound moves so longly here, horizontally because it’s trapped by the marble/porcelain ceiling. So strange.

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