11-19-2018 Photos

After the High






Bob Weir and Wolf Bros at the Beacon Theater. A kind stranger gave me a miracle ticket because he had an extra from a no-show friend. Gave me a few tokes from a cigarette-style plastic one-hitter. The show was kinda strange with such a stripped down band, but towards the end I clearly remember sobbing from Turn on Your Lovelight. I am a huge fan of that song, and at this point in my life I was still very much attached to my ex. The song took on a very special meaning to me that night, which was to make myself open to other people and move on. After months and months of refusing to accept that message, the catharsis of finally achieving that milestone (I'd never had a long, serious relationship before that one and thus never had a hard-hitting breakup) was profound. I love that this music can consistently create such powerful emotions for me and inspire such life-changing moments. 

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