11-1-2019 Photos

Before the High




I ended up getting a miracle ticket for the second night of Dead & Company's Madison Square Garden run. Someone came up to me outside the venue while my finger was raised up in the air, and he offered me a ticket on the condition that I was "cool." He did this in honor of a running buddy of his who died recently. This man truly was my miracle that night, as the show was spectacular. The acoustics of that place are just unreal, and the light show creates such an interesting journey. I ended up getting high off of someone else's joint (something I wouldn't recommend for safety reasons) and that cranked the show up to another level. I also ended up meeting comedian Phil Hanley, who was in the row in front of me. He's a huge deadhead who always wears the band's merch at his comedy gigs. He's funny too! Definitely check him out. He was there with a Canadian friend, and I'm so jealous of those guys for their nationwide legal weed. 

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