1-20-2019 Photos

Before the High


A childhood friend who lives in upstate NY invited me up to her place so I could get a taste of the area. At that point in my life I really wanted to live up there, so I was dying to spend more time up there after only being in the area a total of four days. It was so naturally beautiful, but it was noticeably cold. This was a warning sign for Mennonite wagons, a common feature of the Finger Lakes region.

After the High


Being high always gives me unexpected experiences. I can't believe how many memories I have stored away in the deep archives that may never surface in my consciousness again. I'm grateful for the ability of weed to bring those memories out for me. On occasion, I will consciously orient my highs to dig deeply into my childhood, often by listening to old songs I used to enjoy. I think I should try that exercise again sometime. 

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