I'm not really sure what the "automatic typing" thing is about, and the Bumblebee question doesn't really make any sense, but everything else speaks for itself.


I saw Mrs. G and her husband at the theatre

Chris [REDACTED] and I were literally talking about Mrs. G today. Not super low odds but still super weird, almost comedic to see her irl afterwards

Keep typing to save your life


Mixed popcorn and skittles w/ Nathan. Disgusting combo. “Feels like I’m eating the ass of a...” -Patrick. “...unicorn” -Nathan

Are women paid has as much as doctors in the year Bumblebee takes place, or is that bullshit?



Ice really IS weird

You can freeze living tissue and it survives for millions (?) or thousands (?) of Years. That’s fascinating

I want to experiment with freezing bugs in solid water and seeing how long after freezing I can revive them

“Take what’s yours and make it right before you go.” —Nick LeDuc, “Before You Go”

I’m gonna make things right before I go upstate. This is my last day of being in Connecticut before I leave for upstate New York for the weekend. I realize this as I was texting my friend in Rochester about coming up. Very ominous, as though I might die if I go out there. Or at least change. A strange warning that I will heed regardless of whether I made it up entirely.

I’m playing the ice like a drum as I throw rocks onto it.

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