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12-2-2019 Photo

After the High

Anduze is a great artist. He doesn't have many songs last I checked, but he's worth the listen. I originally found him through Parov S...View Details

11-25-2019 Photos

After the High

A really trippy purple building interior I came across.

Another purple thing, this time more aesthetically pleasing than trippy.

Thi...View Details

After the High

The psychonaut recruiter, just how I found him. His sign says "Psychonaut Adventurers [Something] Apply in Person." 

The man handed m...View Details

11-7-2019 Photos

After the High

This was supposed to be a chocolate milkshake. I hope you can feel my disappointment through the image. 

This is a classic song that ...View Details

11-4-2019 Photo

After the High

This was some weird Brazilian candy that my mom gave me. It tasted so strange while high, unlike any other candy I know. Not sure if I...View Details

11-1-2019 Photos

Before the High

I ended up getting a miracle ticket for the second night of Dead & Company's Madison Square Garden run. Someone came up to me o...View Details

10-31-2019 Photos

After the High

On my way to Madison Square Garden to try my luck at getting a miracle ticket for Dead & Company's show that night. I ended up bei...View Details

Date: 2/15/2020 Ingestion time: 6:26 PM1/2 bag of truffles, as recommended by flyer inside container. 22g total in bag "High Hawaiians" psilocybe tamp...View Details

10-18-2019 Photos

After the High

The view from a NYC pedestrian overpass.

Just an amazing bridge view.

Some cool graffiti art.

The aesthetics here were just perfec...View Details

8-15-2019 Photos

Before the High

The announcement for Dead and Company's 2019 Fall Fun Run. I ended up catching them at Madison Square Garden on Nov 1. I was too high...View Details

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