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Patrick talks about getting kicked out of both the weed club (for the night) and Spain (indefinitely), the mural he never got to paint, and universiti...View Details

Patrick and his guest Joey Spillz talk about their humble beginnings in the cannabis industry, the many overlooked cannabinoids (including Delta 8 THC...View Details

PGT 47 - 2:27 PM 1/12/2020      This was a disappointing high. It made me tired and zen this time, which isn’t a bad thing. I still had some lingering...View Details

PGT 46 - 5:08PM 1/8/2020      For me, getting high is like looking at the art in the inside of my mind.     

Patrick talks about wandering the streets of Madrid high, traveling to the Netherlands to smoke weed and consume psychedelic truffles, and taking the ...View Details

PGT __ - 4:37 PM 12/26/2019     Parts of me misses my life at 18

12-26-2019 Photo

After the High

A gloomy picture from an overcast day. I believe this was the same place where I got high and sang Part of Your World from the Little ...View Details

12-15-2019 Photo

After the High

I don't know what animal made this but it looks like it's big and scary. Could have been a dog for all I know.

12-11-2019 Photos

After the High

This area along the eastern shore of Manhattan is great for late-night high walks. The look of everything is so interesting.

This is ...View Details

12-5-2019 Photo

Before the High

This mech King Kong is just mindblowing. One thing about New York that I miss is the abundance of random badass murals like this one.

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