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7-14-2019 Photos

Before the High

I visited Nevadaville, a ghost town with some really interesting attractions. This was a scarecrow-looking thing a little past the to...View Details

I both wrote a text supplement and took photos on this day, so I'll include both here. First comes the text and then the photos.  ********************...View Details

PGT 37   5:02::7:8:2019   [INSERT BLURB ABOUT HARRY POTTER IN IMAGES]   [Edit: I thought for a while that this image was lost, but I finally found it ...View Details

7-8-2019 Photos

Before the High

This was a pretty profound realization at the time, so much so that I made a PGT text episode just to tell myself to post this screen...View Details

7-3-2019 Photos

After the High

A beautiful stop on the way out west.

I guess I had the desire to listen to marching band music all of a sudden.

A very foreboding v...View Details

PGT 36   5:06::7:3:2019   I thought it was 6/28/2019 for a second. Those were the numbers I was about to type in inside the time/date line   Anyways, ...View Details

6-29-2019 Photos

After the High

After picking up some weed from a guy I indirectly knew, we walked out to some abandoned land to look at the sunset. It was truly ama...View Details

6-23-2019 Photos

I went to a Dead and Company concert at Citi Field on this date. It was a wild week, going from Saratoga Springs in upstate New York to Camden, New Je...View Details

PGT [35] 6/23/2019        Cried tears of joy from my right eye.   [REDACTED]

6-17-2019 Photos

Before the High

A good meme. After the High

The music of the night that spoke to me. The date on the last one is 6/17/1975.

Some recent earthquak...View Details

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