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Patrick talks about his dream of the mega-Avengers, dancing in his room, and the story of Richie and the old-timer New York musicians he knows.  ////...View Details

Patrick talks about his bipolar diagnosis, missing his old life, and Reese’s Pieces.  ////  [email protected]  htt...View Details

Patrick talks about crossing the Continental Divide, the lead-up to the Russian Revolution, and making the podcast into a book.  ////  www.patricksgre...View Details

Patrick talks about a personal crisis with his career path, doubts about releasing the podcast, and a found crate of flip books.  ////  www.patricksgr...View Details

PGT 20   Culture has CULT in it. Are cultures just advanced cults? Are cults degenerated cultures?    I was thinking  that the Grateful Dead created a...View Details

2-22-2019 Photos

After the High


This was a cool chord progression I found while noodling around on the piano. I have no idea what these chords are but they sound ...View Details

2-12-2019 Photo

Before the High

I took a walk around Washington Square Park on a sunny (but probably cold) day listening to some Janis Joplin. She's so awesome.

PGT 22   “Not that we would even be able to get away with that, anyway,” is such a strange tongue twister. I just imagined Jimmy Kimmel saying that wi...View Details

2-10-2019 Photo

Before the High   A really nice painting I found before I smoked.

PGT 21   Holy shit dude. Truckin from Europe 72 Volume 1   Also THE OTHER ONE!!! It’s so good! I realized that it’s more than just a song, it’s a “bey...View Details

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