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Patrick talks about potential negative weed effects on his throat, a better mindset for performing, and a hostile invisible cold demon.  ////  www.pat...View Details

Patrick talks about the construction of Gotham City while in Gotham, private universities being like cults, and ultimate frisbee.  ////  www.patricksg...View Details

1-17-2019 Photos

Before the High

The rocks we threw the previous night scattered across the surface of the ice. After the High

Near the spot where I saw the reflec...View Details

I'm not really sure what the "automatic typing" thing is about, and the Bumblebee question doesn't really make any sense, but everything else speaks f...View Details

Patrick talks about seeing a rainbow for the first time in a long time, goes on random singing bouts, and skips rocks over a frozen lake with a friend...View Details

Patrick and his guest Aasmund Ryningen talk about the benefits, the legal complications, and the stigma regarding CBD. Check out Aasmund’s website: ww...View Details

Patrick talks about Lady Death, a constant movie going on in his mind, and a multinational Old Spice commercial.  ////  patr...View Details

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