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Patrick’s Green Tea Episode 4 Epilogue Thought that I might as record do some singing/bopping while I’m high. I had a great experience driving home an...View Details

I don't know what multiplicity is supposed to mean, or what my thoughts were on 13th floor elevators. To be honest it was probably an attempt at a ban...View Details

Patrick recaps the 2018 season, lays out his plans for the podcast moving forward, and reviews mixtapes from @thegratefulpicks  ////  www.patricksgree...View Details

12-30-2018 Photos

After the High

I don't know the context of this screenshot / what led me to this show, but if I had to guess it was probably an Instagram post. Secon...View Details

Patrick talks about Satan having tentacle sex with him, polyrhythms, and Steve Carell.  ////  [email protected]  ht...View Details

12-13-2018 Photo

After the High

During this high, I discovered the magic of the Spanish scales. It sort of came intuitively as I noodled around on the fret board of m...View Details

12-8-2018 Photos

Before the High  

Some beauty shots of the nug and the packed bowl before smoking. This was my second and favorite bowl, the glass artwork was just ...View Details

11-19-2018 Photos

After the High

Bob Weir and Wolf Bros at the Beacon Theater. A kind stranger gave me a miracle ticket because he had an extra from a no-show frie...View Details

11-6-2018 Photos

After the High

Killer song, and one that I often revisit for it's haunting opening. I blasted this in Boulder, Colorado outside a friend's house who ...View Details

8-1-2018 Photos

Before the High   Toontown Online was my shit growing up, and after it was revived by fans the addiction came back with a vengeance. I haven't played ...View Details

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