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Patrick talks about losing a 40 minute recording and messes around on the piano and guitar.  ////  [email protected]View Details

Green Tea Episode 8 Limerick There once was a boy named Chad. His mother confused him with Thad. Forgets the name of each man Who’s entered her clam, ...View Details

Patrick talks about a strange interaction with his subconscious.  ////  [email protected] Details

Patrick talks about old underappreciated technology and music versus film.  ////  [email protected] Details

Patrick talks about his night outside of a Phil Lesh show in Central Park and tells a Richie Havens story.  ////  patricksgr...View Details

This episode is kind of all over the place. It's really long too. I guess I had a lot to say. You'll see a lot of redactions in the document because I...View Details

Patrick talks about the buzzing and poorly censors names.  ////  [email protected] Details

  As the high at this concert reached its peak, I was confounded by the layout of the stage and light riggings. To me it looked a lot like the face ...View Details

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