Patrick and his guest Jordan Demarest talk about first weed experiences, different methods of smoking, and working in production.  ////  www.patricksg...View Details

Patrick talks about celebrating the podcast’s first birthday, flashbacks to concert experiences, and Jeff Dunham.  //// http...View Details

Patrick and his guest Joey Spillz talk about how Joey got introduced to weed, the future of space travel, and preferred smoking methods. Check out Joe...View Details

Patrick talks about taking a tolerance break from weed (and inadvertently, the podcast), the state of his senior thesis documentary, and the first tim...View Details

Patrick and his guest Dan Murray talk about childhood bus stories, the podcast’s logo creator Aiza, and cannabis strain preferences.  ////  www.patric...View Details

Patrick starts Season 4 of the podcast by talking about his inexperience with death, Chadwick Boseman’s final film “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” and old...View Details

Patrick recaps the 2020 season, shares a lost episode from 2019, and lays out his plans for the year to come.  ////  patrick...View Details

Patrick talks about watching some of the Frank Zappa documentary, seeing fucked up silhouettes, and missing out on normal Halloween as a kid.  ////  w...View Details

Patrick talks about seeing the musical Red Roses, Green Gold where he met Jeff Chimenti (keyboardist for Dead & Company), playing Minecraft and Sk...View Details

Patrick talks about doing a whole street that was cordoned off by police, the first gravity bong he’s ever tried, and the annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up...View Details

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